Regular roof vs Lifetime Roofing System

There is a difference in how a roof is installed on your home. All roofers can install a regular roof on your home using standard felt, valley metal, and three tab as your starter, shingles, some form of ventilation and three tab as your ridge. This will get you the standard manufacturer’s warranty on your roof and that is it. A Lifetime Roofing System is a better option for your roof. A lifetime roofing system installed by a factory certified installer can give you an extended warranty on both the materials and the installation. When installing a lifetime roofing system we use a synthetic roofing felt, a real starter, leak barrier underlayment in valleys, shingles, and a real ridge cap shingle that is all made from the same manufacturer which backs the installation. This is a much better way to protect your home and the most valuable possession most people will ever have.

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